Private Corfu Taxi Tours & More…

Welcome to my personal site.

My name is Spiros and my activities as a professional taxi driver in Corfu started in 2008. At the beginning of my career, i was an ordinary taxi driver. I worked hard and tried to provide the best service i could. As time passed, i created my own list of clients. My most important clients have been ordinary citizens, professionals, travel agents, shipping companies and various organizations, with whom i have created trust, reliability and confidence.

Having as assets my experience and my respect for my clients, i provide high quality services trying to achieve a unique and everlasting niche in their minds. Trying to achieve my goals, i pay attention both to my manners and my appearance, and to the condition of my taxi. I am willing to assist and provide every possible support concerning your transportation and i can be wherever you need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

So, if you are searching for your private driver in Corfu, you are in the right place. Make your decision and enjoy services exactly as you deserve them. I provide taxi services in Corfu Island and more over Greece.

Furthermore, you can enjoy taxi driver services for your guided tours on your excursions to the most popular destinations i recommend, or to places of your choice all over Greece.

Feel free to contact me for quotes and further information. I will inform you promptly about the rates and the availability.

Taxi Services

In order to provide high quality services, i employ MERCEDES BENZ. The E-class model is the best model used as a TAXI.

Used by an experienced driver, it can be an exceptional model, so that you can enjoy your tour. This model is capable of giving you the peace and comfort needed by both the driver and the passenger.

It is able to transport up to 5 persons including the driver and the baggage (2 large + 2 small pieces). Be careful! The number of bags may vary depending on the size.

In case of 1 or 2 passengers having a lot of suitcases, the back seats can be divided (60-40) so that the baggage space can be extended. For our security, there are 6 AIRBAGS. There is also a 2 zone Clima facility to adjust the temperature in the passenger’s area.

There is a very precise GPS system to find difficult or unknown destinations. You can also have Internet connection as well as a Car Mobile System ensuring everybody’s safety. Furthermore, in the back, there are adjustable seats for young children – a seat on each side – ensuring young children’s safety. These seats are appropriate for ages five and above. There are children’s seats for ages 0 to 5 if needed, but it must be mentioned in advance.

Make you reservation now for your private tours in Corfu and all over Greece and get the benefit of our services.